Dong Guan Boan Metal Products Co., Ltd. Established in 1995. In order to provide more service, we build PERFECT. We work toward providing stamping, laser cutting, welding and so on. Also we have our own R&D and tooling department to solve customer’s problem and professional suggestion.
Our customers are around everywhere, such as Japan, German, Sweden and South Africa. All we keep doing is to improving quality and service.
Come and join us, to see what we can do for you.

Time line

Established in 1995, in order to expand business, we build PERFECT located in Changhua. Whole group in Boan and Perfect would be round 200 people. We have our own R&D and tooling department, mainly provide customized part. We can do one-stop service with laser cutting, progressive die, welding etc.

Established:Year 1995
Type:Hardware processing
Major:Tube laser cutting, stamping, welding, hydraulic press
Apply:Office equipment, auto parts, BBQ burner, beverage equipment and so on.